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Project Assessment, Recovery and Management

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Project Management Consultants that help you succeed in delivering your projects within the Insurance, Financial and Telecommunication industry markets.

TKMI will help you succeed.


TKMI has the ability to make things happen and the courage to do so, by supporting and augmenting your team whenever the demands exceed your capabilities.

Statistics show that 85 percent of all projects fail. They often fail to meet the schedule targets, budget targets, leverage the resources effectively, and last but not lest, fail to solve the core problem.

TKMI is combined of talented and capable individuals that will augment your organization to make sure you succeed.  Weather you require some guidance in direction or simply require someone to lead your team, we have the right individuals to make it happen.

Regardless if your project is already in advanced stages or plans are just beginning to take shape. Whether you are in fire fighting mode or exercising due diligence to reduce risk and re-confirm your plans, TKMI has the expertise and ability to help you succeed.

Let TKMI help you define clear objectives to focus on and deliver. Our team can support you any time during your project. TKMI brings reputation for delivering results in high-pressure business critical situations. We can work as advisors or can assume part or whole of the project deliverables.

When you’re just not clear what happened or when your project just seemed to have stalled and is perceived to be going nowhere, TKMI will identify critical issues, create alternatives, review your resources and apply proven project management techniques to regain and maintain control to successfully turnaround the project.

TKMI concentrates on getting the results you expect by managing all aspects of projects and solutions. Honest, simple and direct communication is, and has always been, our key success factor. We are here to help you and your teams succeed in large scale projects and solution deliveries.

Our team functions in all aspects including solution architecture, business requirements, system development, system integrations, project management and assessments. Additionally we have a support structure that makes our group a complete source for support in all business solution delivery aspects.

Uniquely, TKMI always departs leaving your organization enriched with the abilities and knowledge to forge ahead and succeed.



Project Management Consultants that help companies mitigate risk, succeed in delivering, stay within budget and time lines and basically get things done.

Always depart leaving your organization enriched with the abilities and knowledge.

Our combined knowledge of vast number of projects and solutions enables us to determine risks sooner.